‘Add to Cart’ Cards

add-to-cart‘Add to Cart’ cards designed for product catalogue list pages. Includes any snippets with an ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ option.


iconSelection of buttons involving text and icons suited for read more and buy now options.


iconIcons displayed with various styling including some subtle effects on hover.

Image Hovers

image-hoverAn umbrella category including any snippets offering images with extra information on hover.


image-hoverA collection of logos based entirely of CSS and HTML. Perfect for website headers and hero splash screens.


horiz-menuA collection of website navigation menus. Styled to include carious hover effect for each menu item.

News Cards

news-cardNews Cards displaying an article image, title and excerpt. May also include an article date and other related info.

Pricing Tables

pricing-tablePricing tables most commonly used to display online products. Snippets include title, pricing, information list and button in a table format.

Profile Cards

profileA collection of snippets suited to display a profile information. Include an image and title with other related information (icons and/or caption).

Testimonial Cards

testimonialSnippets displaying user testimonial quotes. Include blockquote with profile title and image.